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Simple Business
Marketing Tips:

I can't believe how many businesses don't have websites, ezines or any way to make contact with people who visit their sites!

Restaurants: Put your menu online and update it as needed. Collect emails to send out specials and coupons.

If you are not collecting data from your customers, you're truly losing out. The trick is to only send them good info, coupons, specials and keep the clutter email to a minimum!

Medical: Docs, derms, dentists...if you offer anything other than hard-core health care (like aesthetic services, which are usually cash and not insurance paid), market these to your patients. They may not know you offer them! Don't just put around brochures and signcards in your office!

Salons: If you're not connecting with your customers often and consistently, you're missing out on valuable referrals and repeat customers as well as up-selling products, etc. (The salon I go to doesn't contact me--neither do most of the other services I use in town!)

Realtors: Real Estate Marketing Tip: Who cares?: Realtors, the first thing most of us wonder when we see your ad is "Who cares?" Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, right? Sorry to be ...

Brochures are dead! Do this instead!    When is the last time you picked up a brochure and really read it? I mean really got into what it said?   It’s probably been awhile. After all, brochures are basically boring sales tools that companies all had back in ‘the day’ to promoted their businesses.   This was before the internet,…

Social Media Helps Put the Public Back in Public Relations...Still haven’t adopted social media strategies into your marketing mix? You’re missing out on a critical tool for building a relationship with your clients and prospective clients.

Book Marketing Tips:

Get reviews and testimonials for your book BEFORE it hits the market! If you wait and try to get them later, you might miss out on sales.

Get friends, family, professionals to review. If you can, get a couple video reviews or posts on blogs and written reviews (complete with photos and links for verfication!)

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