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Don't lose sales over the summer!

4 Tips to Keeping Your Business Flowing During Summer Slowdown

--Sales: I mean really good sales, deals, gift-w-purchase, etc. People WILL buy if you market a great deal that they can't get any other time of year.

--Keep your newsletter, blog, Facebook, Pinterest going by posting great summer recipes (like below), tips for summer vacation, how to keep kids from driving you crazy during summer vacation, etc.

--Keep building your team: Although it might be a lower time of recruiting, it can still bring in recruits if you have teachers and other people who are generally off work or who have more free time during the summer. They are more apt to be able to read your literature and get involved in the business during this time.

--College students: Get them interested now and watch your business grow in the Fall as they bring their pals on-board back at school. All college kids need some extra cash now and then!

by K Moehr

4-Letter Word Marketing Boosts Sales - email post

You're busy, you're stressed, you're overwhelmed. Running your own business is tiring and time-consuming unless you learn how to simply streamline certain necessary tasks. One such thing is connecting with your customers and prospects regularly.

Finding the time to sit down and write a long and informative ezine is, well, time-consuming. It can be frustrating to have the best intentions only to not quite live up to them because you're so focused on just the day-to-day running of your business.

One simple and easy way to connect with your customers regularly is to offer a Quick Tips email. Everyone loves simple and good tips! Just like you, your readers are busy and don't always have time to sit back with a cup of coffee to digest your carefully prepared manuscripts on your particular bit of brilliance. I hate getting long, wordy ezine or articles to sift through. I want the meat and potatoes quickly and then if I like what I get, I'll probably take time to read more carefully and commit more time.

So, to be brief:

Make it a goal to send out a Quick Tips emailer at least twice a month (weekly if you want and can commit to getting the good tips for this). You can set it up in advance to mail out for the month so you're covered. If you need tips, just pick your topic and surf the web. You can easily find bits of great info to compile into your own Tips email.

Naturally you'll add your own promotional bits, ads, etc. but keep it brief, concise and laid out in a clean format for the best results! Do this consistently, keep it focused and make it a fun and easy read and you'll keep subscribers longer, build your lists larger and even help your bottom line.


Prospect Short on Cash? - article

No problem. You can still make the sale... 

"I'd love to get it, but I've got no cash." Hearing this? Or maybe she can't make a decision and leaves the sale product on the table due to indecisiveness. What can you do to get the sale? 

A super simple tip can solve this. Offer a a gift registry. They are used numerous events (bridal, showers, etc.) events. How can you make them work in your business? 

1. Tell the prospects that they can add whatever their heart desires to their own personal registry. It's your own unique service and you can set it up however you choose. 

2. Give them a form to complete with all their pertinent dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Give them a column just to list the products they want. Another area would have them write down the names and contact information of people (friends, relatives, etc.) These would be people they are sure would be buying them something in the future (a boyfriend, husband, sister).  Naturally you will then send the contact the "gift registry" results to make their shopping easier. 

If you're smart, you'll also add the contact's names to your prospect list and market to them as well. They could be a new customer for you! 

This is a two-fold marketing idea that will help you boost your sales and your marketing prospects in one swoop. If you make the registry easy-to-use and market it well, it could be one of your most useful marketing tools! 

#3 Make the sale even when your customer professes poverty! 

"I'd love it...but I'm on a strict budget and cannot buy a thing right now!" All sellers have heard this line (or one just like it). Maybe a prospect wants an expensive item, but settles on the cheapie item because of budget. How can you get the higher sale? 

Think about the last wedding invite you received. Wasn't there a nifty little mention of where the bride and groom were registered for your expected gift purchase? Well, you can use the same principle in your marketing line-up.  

Each of your prospects should be presented with this near the end of your sales presentation. They can get what they wish for themselves AND write down their dream list of items for their special friends and family to purchase for them. People buy birthday, graduation, anniversary and shower gifts anyway...why not make it easy for them to buy something the prospect will surely like? 

Your prospects should fill out a form with their important dates (gift giving dates) and the names of those whom are expected to be giving gifts. Husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. are usually the natural suspects for this list. Get their contact info (addresses are best).  

After the sales event, you can send out the lists to the contacts and even send them out on a reminder calendar. For instance, when January 12 rolls around, have it set up for Sally May's husband to receive a reminder email from you about her favorite perfume from her "gift registry." Make it easy for him to buy it and have it delivered (gift wrapped would be an awesome suggestion), and voila! You've likely made a simple sale! 

Of course, you would add the husband to your regular prospect list and market to him regularly. You never know...even if he isn't interested, he probably has a sister that would love your line-up of products. He could become your best customer! 

This is one example of the creative marketing techniques that will set you apart from your competition. When you know there are others out there who may get the sale, why not make it you by offering unique options?


Written by K. Moehr, Moehr and Associates


If you're a small business owner and entrepreneur, you know that selling is a high-priority, key aspect of keeping your business growing. This involves consistent marketing, branding, media (in some cases) and personalized selling.

Bringing in new leads and business can be as easy as going to where your leads source is. These days, often social media platforms and groups are where your target market congregates. You can reach them, provide information, engaging videos and do your personal selling to bring them into your business.

One key trend will be more personal engagement with each prospective customer. For example, mass emailing and "hit and miss" scattershot messages will give way to more targeted, personalized emails that are directed at a prospect. These are designed to not only personally invite a prospect to your business/site, but to create a relationship.

Another trend that will continue to grow is video marketing. People are more and more accustomed to quick and entertaining information vs. reading long, boring sales pages. If you can get your point across in just a few minutes on a well-designed video, you're ahead of the game. More engagement, more personal selling, less visitors leaving without buying.

Making your site engaging with great, clutter-free design and easy navigation buttons to subscribe to your list, buy your products and learn more about you is optimal. By providing simple things like your photo, a real business address, phone number/contact info, etc., it makes the process of personal selling even easier.

Another trend that will continue to see growth will be offering e-courses and video training or personalized consultations vs. ebooks or written content. People will still enjoy these, but increasing the level of actual engagement between you and your customer with video and in-person training will be where new customer growth comes into play.

An absolute trend will be more mobile and phone advertising, marketing and applications. This is where many people are connecting via various social platforms and making it easy to click and go to your (mobile-optimized) site is necessary. By making the process simple, you'll gain more followers and customers.

As mobile ads grow in use, so will consumer expectations. The ads will need to be seamlessly integrated with your site so it takes a prospect less than two clicks to get to where you want them to go. If you make it more than that and they will likely by-pass you and move on.

by K Moehr


blog article

1: Know where you stand: Improving your site? Find out your stats and see how you compare. Type in your URL and take a look. Is it how you wish to be perceived? Usually just a few tweaks in this area can make a huge difference! 

2: Use good keywords on your landing pages. This means if you sell home spa products, don’t list yourself using keywords like “destination spas.” You’ll get people looking for a week at Miraval and not a peppermint foot scrub. Use “home spa treatments” to targt the type of customer who is looking to buy and use these items. 

3: Creativity pays off. Try a few different headlines and different copy. Track the results. Getting more sign ups or orders? It's working! Writing and copy can make a huge difference so be sure you're portraying yourself in your best light. Get a few friends or trusted colleagues to give you an honest review. Do they understand your site? How to navigate it? What you do and sell? How to buy it?  

4: Test everything: Your prices, your offers, your copy, new autoresponders, etc. Keep testing until you get the response you require. 

5: Write for a 7-year old: Not kidding. Make It Simple! Don't try to be overly formal and complicated to impress others. State what you do, how you do it and how you can do it for them. Bottom line...if you're pint-sized nephew can't understand it, most adults won't take the time to understand it either. 

6: Have past customers? Get reviews and testimonials. It's a simple idea and it will pay off. Post them on your site and be proud!

7. Push them off the couch: Don't just put up your site and hope for the best. If you sell a product (and actually want sales), make it urgent to act now! If you test a few good promotions and run them and market them you will increase your sales. It's as simple as that!


Fearless marketing - book excerpt


Too many newbie business owners feel stuck with the common-yet-frustrating approach doled out by many companies: Work your “circle of influence” or in other words, call up every friend, family member and associate and tell them all about your new and fabulous business. It’s a way to get started and it’s not bad advice by any means. It’s just not suited for every type of salesperson.  

Which are you? 

There are the extroverted, bubbly, irrepressible people. They are easy to like and will be happy to extol the virtues of their company to anyone—friend or stranger--without much prodding. Sound familiar? 

Or, perhaps you are shy, new to “selling yourself” and sales, or new to running your own business. Going up to strangers or talking about your business to everyone you meet during the course of your day is just not your style. You cannot imagine doing it. Does this sound like you? 

Whichever personality, you can succeed. However, those who are shy may absolutely love their services and feel confident about providing them. But how do they get the word out without the excruciating task of confronting strangers and calling everyone they know to get a booking or appointment for them? 

Naturally, if you are very shy you need to come out of your shell at some point to talk about your business (or no one will ever know about you!). However, there are ways to do it without the terror non-salespeople have when they start out. They couldn’t imagine themselves “talking to everyone they know” about their business. It would just be too agonizing. Yet they definitely need to find a way to get the word out.  



BRANDING - blog post

Branding: The new "must: for real estate agents

Building your brand isn't difficult, but it does take some time and effort. Just as the popular soup with a red label wasn't known 'round the world overnight, neither will your brand. However, if you follow certain steps, you can be sure you'll have a much more "known" brand by this time next year.

1. Decide what your brand is--whether it's to work with low-income buyers, sell high-end beach homes or list golf condos, you know you have something that you enjoy and would like to make your specialty, if it isn't already.

2. Name it in a memorable way to describe it (Luxury Home Specialist, Condo King, etc.). It doesn't have to be smaltzy; just make it memorable and brand it with your specialty.

3. Put it EVERYWHERE--this means website, cards, brochures, phone messages, etc. You know how you can sing certain jingles (even those that annoy you)? Make your brand as burned-in as those (remember Co-stan-za?).

4. Concentrate on those listings and sales that cement your brand type--make your marketing and business efforts in that area. If you start listing $99,000 condos but build your brand as the luxury beach villa agent, it will only confuse people.

5. Let the world know when you've listed a property in your brand (PR, Media, Video)-- Don't be a talking head in a badly-lit video or swept away by outdoor wind (you've seen the kind I mean). Do something high-end (see our http://www.getyourspotlight.com  program to get high-end, pleasing videos).

6. Get the expert status you deserve in your brand by offering advice, columns, Q & A for your local community

7. Put out something with your brand on it every week--even slow weeks require marketing. Make it fun and think of new things to do each week.

by K Moehr









Page one Google results for chosen keywords.
Let me help you boost your rankings on search engines!


Top 7 Ways to Use Video to Promote Yourself


Authors that self-publish (and even those that go the traditional publishing route) need promotion to sell their books. It’s a fact. Getting that usually requires lots of articles posted on the web, radio shows, tele-seminars, etc. Generally, just a lot of time to “get the word out” and build credibility and exposure  and try to drive traffic to ultimately buy their book. 

Savvy artists are the same. They need to get their art out to the world. This helps build a following, increase credibility and eventually start getting their art into the hands of those that collect and appreciate it. Video is a prime promotional vehicle for such a visual medium. 

Small business owners already know that marketing is important; but are they taking full advantage of the low-cost alternatives available to them? Marketing and promoting with vides helps increase their ability to get the word out about their business, showcase themselves and build an interest in what they offer. 

Good informational/educational videos are an excellent way to market and promote a business, book or creative endeavor. Since you have the ability to use an interesting format, sound, photos, etc., it takes it from a static web page to visually-enhanced and intriguing promotional opportunity. 

Video can be used to: 

-Build credibility: Let your audience know who you are. Include a picture of yourself and start building name recognition. 

-Use the visual aspect to teach: Showcase yourself teaching how to use your products, record testimonials, showcase results people have gotten using your products, etc. In other words, put a visually-memorable medium in their minds. 

-Show the world your personality: People buy from people disguised as businesses. You know you prefer to buy from one website vs. another that may have the exact same items. One has an interface you trust, prices you like or just the fact that the owner makes himself available.  

-Develop a series: Break down tips or steps into a series of video and use them to keep bringing back your audience to get more. If you give everything in one video, you’re forced to come up with new material for each, plus you run the risk of creating a long, boring video (which, unless very well-done, most people won’t take the time to watch. 

-Keep your videos short and pleasant: A running time of under three minutes is optimal. Most people don’t have the attention span to devote to more, unless they are very interested in your topic. Use soft, pleasant music or narrate the video yourself. Silent videos are dull, so try to use sound of some type. 

-Use photos and pictures to illustrate your point: If you’re doing a live film video, you’re showing yourself, but also be sure to use props and your products to illustrate a point. Just a talking head in front of a video camera is completely overused and somewhat dull (unless you’re really funny or entertaining, which many of us are not!). 

-Videos created using slides vs. filmed content can place photos of products, people, etc. in them to make them more interesting. Use animation sparingly. No one wants to be jarred from slide to slide with spinning text and zooming transitions. Choose one slide transition for all slides and only use animation on every other slide or at least choose a few to remain static to give the eye a break. 

Using video can help your business get the attention it deserves. For more information on building buzz for your business, GET YOUR SPOTLIGHT at www.getyourspotlight.com 

by K Moehr




New Amazon WAHM Guide for Direct Sales Women: GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits


Tucson, AZ -- Home party plan and direct sales consultants are given the choice of numerous programs for building their business, growing a team, developing leads and general sales and marketing. GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits is a simple solution to get fun and unique marketing ideas to grow a home party plan business.


The new guide is part of the WEALTHY WAHM Book Series and published by Moehr and Associates' Direct Sales Power brand. The company is a marketing and publishing firm specializing in helping women build their home businesses. Their latest release is an offering for budget and time-strapped WAHMS,


This book is really a go-to resource for WAHMs looking for unique and different ideas to market their business. It contains over 60 marketing ideas for building a direct sales business, from recruiting a strong team to getting leads and providing stellar service that brings in many referrals from happy customers, says Karen Moehr, owner of Moehr and Associates and the Direct Sales Power products.


She continues The Wealthy WAHM series is perfect for anyone looking to grow a home business using forward-thinking techniques combined with tried-and-true marketing principles.


GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for a Profitable Party Plan business can be found on www.amazon.com at



# # #


WAHM Business Builders: How to TRIPLE your sales with one idea!

Do you have a few customers? One simple idea: Market to your current customers! It's not rocket science, but how many of us are guilty of the hunt for new customers only to forget those who chose to invest in our items in the past?

If you have a list of leads and buyers, promote to both of them, not just your leads (especially if you continually put out new products). You'll need to market your wares to both lists to be truly hitting all of your "prospects."

Getting a new customer is lots more work than just keeping the ones you have. However, you must have the mindset for service. If you're just out for new life you're going to risk seeming pretty shallow (and transparent) in the loyalty area. 

Think about how you like to be treated. Do you like to feel special and treasured or do you like to feel like the vendor is just thinking "Next!"?  

It's a huge mistake to forget your customers! Put a plan in place to provide gentle reminders that you exist. Your new offerings won't come off as insincere. Your service and follow-up will help allow future sales. 

If you think you'll just spring new products on your customers who purchased from you two years ago...guess what? They've already forgotten about you! Keep the pipeline open to continue to involve your current customers in your current and future marketing efforts.  

Treat your customer list special. It is. Plying them with special items and little bits here and there will make them feel more at ease with you and it will open the door to keep a happy and mutually beneficial relationship for as long as you like! 

Prospects and buyers are both important and thus, you MUST market to both. Offering more than one item? No problem, just keep right on marketing to your lists (all of them). Your newbies will likely need more info from you, but if you've done your job, your current customers will already feel like it's old home week when you come knocking. 

30 days to a growing, profitable WAHM business can be yours with our unique programs for direct sales and home party plan sellers. Build a stronger and more profitable business faster than you ever thought possible with more leads for sales and recruiting a motivated team at http://www.directsalespower.com. 

by K Moehr



The lаrgеѕt group of websites for аrtiѕtѕ exhibit wоrkѕ bу аррrоximаtеlу 50,000 artists -оffеring hundreds оf thоuѕаndѕ оf images оf their wоrk. It is diffiсult tо imаginе a serious соllесtоr рlоwing thrоugh so mаnу wеb pages if he/she iѕ considering a рurсhаѕе for thе hоmе оr office. Hоw mаnу ѕhорреrѕ саn lооk at an аrtiсlе in a store windоw and buy it without first going into thе store tо ѕее; tоuсh аnd examine what thеу wiѕh tо рurсhаѕе? Thе internet is аn exhibition ѕрасе juѕt like a store windоw but thеrе are always certain products that nееd tо bе еxаminеd dirесtlу before рurсhаѕе.

Many аrtiѕtѕ bесоmе mеmbеrѕ оf neighborhood аrt associations, community groups, local artist co-ops, etc. It iѕ a process of reaching out bесаuѕе thеу understand thе bеnеfitѕ оf firѕt networking within the local community, bеfоrе brаnсhing оut. The орроѕitе ѕееmѕ tо hарреn on thе nеt. It can be a large and overwhelming place.

It might bе time for artists to rеthink thе wау to use thе intеrnеt -еѕресiаllу if thе gоаl iѕ tо sell thеir art. Thе truth iѕ that some (but not all) art collectors still рrеfеr tо buу from rеаl galleries, local аrt fеѕtivаlѕ or dirесtlу frоm a аrtiѕtѕ ѕtudiо because thеу wаnt tо 'ѕее' whаt thеу are buуing. Art lоvеrѕ аlѕо еnjоу thе social intеrасtiоn of viѕiting gаllеriеѕ аnd art fаirѕ оr еvеn аn artist's ѕtudiо. Thе соmрutеr screen cannot fulfill thiѕ need. It can be a great starting point, however.

Some collectors may purchase a small “test” item before jumping in and buying a large, expensive painting or artwork or even commissioning art. I’ve had collectors buy a piece, receive it and like it and then contact me to do more or buy more. In this, some of my small pieces are like “calling cards.” They are nice little examples of the work I do.

If there wеrе mоrе regional grоuрingѕ of аrtiѕtѕ оn the wеb, роtеntiаl buyers соuld look оnlinе by location and then travel ѕhоrt distances tо view the original wоrk. For example, thеrе are likely thousands of аrtiѕtѕ living аnd working in thе grеаtеr Lоѕ Angеlеѕ аrеа with ѕuffiсiеnt аrtwоrk tо fill several wеbѕitеѕ еvеn if they еxhibitеd wоrk bу Lоѕ Angеlеѕ аrtiѕtѕ only. Thеrе would ѕurеlу bе еnоugh соntеnt to рlеаѕе every tаѕtе in art fоr thе роtеntiаl 12 milliоn аrt buyers in thе Los Angеlеѕ area.

Sоmеtimеѕ, the internet works bеttеr whеn it'ѕ lосаl. It's creates an intimacy which is sometimes crucial when selling your art. Are you properly optimizing your site for your local market? Local SEO is super easy and can get you great results!

Here’s a few key tips to optimizing your site locally:

First, if you live in a large area, like Phoenix, you’ll have more competition. More artists, bigger area to cover and it’s harder to get a good footprint on Google. Generally big cities are more competitive so it’s best to start smaller.

However, if you are in that area, you can concentrate on small cities surrounding Phoenix. Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, etc. Each of these is small city and a suburb of the massive city of Phoenix. By including a few key phrases and data in your site, you can start getting seen in these areas.

For example, have a page in your site for each city you would like to rank for on Google. A page title “Bronze Sculpture Art, Scottsdale, Arizona.” Then post a few photos of your sculptures, an article or two about art in Scottsdale, and even a video with the words “Scottsdale Bronze Art Sculptures” in the title. This page will index in Google and if someone is looking for bronze sculpture art in Scottsdale, you will be found.

In your meta tags, be sure to add the description “Bronze Sculpture Art, Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Now upload the site page and go to Google and submit this page alone. Do the same in Bing and any other search engine you’d like to get found on.

You’ve done a few things:

You’ve added content to your site. Always a good thing.

You’ve added a local page for your site. You’ve added description and title and keyword phrases.

You’ve loaded it onto search engines to get indexed.

It may take a few days, a week or two, but eventually you can go into Google and type “Bronze Sculpture Art, Scottsdale, Arizona” and you will pop up!

There are several other things you can do to get a first page listing on Google, especially locally. If you’d like to know how to do this step-by-step, please see our art coaching options. We can walk you through it.


by K Moehr