The number of RECRUITS you have is mostly determined by 3 things:
1. How many recruiting sessions you do each month.
2. How long your team members and customers stick around.
3. How good you are at converting people from your session into an
actual recruit.
   If you improve any of these areas, your team will grow! If you improve all three, your business will fly!
   If you are serious about building a strong and successful (not to mention profitable) party plan business, you need to build your team. To do so, you should focus on doing a few things to increase your actual recruits.
1) Do you have a list of customers? (I hope so!) Send out an offer for a complimentary career session to your customers. They already like your products, so it stand to reason that they’d like to be a member and get all the benefits that go with membership. 

Try to send only a focused personalized email for this particular reason. Don’t confuse your reader by including lots of other info, promos, etc. Make it a one-topic email and put a time limit on it. You can offer a free lunch or coffee, or offer a small free product for anyone who joins you for a personalized career session.
2) Grow your newsletter list.

This is a great way to get your word out about your products and also offer occasional career sessions and let people know what a great business you’ve built…and how they can too! 
The best way to convert readers into customers and actual recruits? Don’t generalize, but tell actual stories, interview your own successful team members, talk about specifics that your list will be interested in. Capture the heart and minds of those who you are speaking to. This will help not only get your email read, but kept, passed around and even have people looking forward to the next one! 
3. Tell people what’s in it for them (the complimentary career session). Let them know about the type of earning those in your company make. Talk about freedom and any other benefits you feel will work.
Again, since it’s a “free” session, people may not value it. Let them know that the opportunity to work with you on your team is now. You could even offer a “career night” where you teach a class, educate and focus on recruiting only. Give everyone who attends a free gift.